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Why are more and more businesses hiring ethical hackers?

Why are more and more businesses hiring ethical hackers?

The role bug bounty programmes can play in preventing zero-day attacks

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, July 25, 2022 / — In an article published on Business Reporter, Inti De Ceukelaire, Head of Hackers at Intigriti explains why employing ethical hackers, as well as performing continuous tests is key to maintaining a good security posture. Although hacker activity is often associated with criminals, today bug bounty hunters with deep knowledge of systems, codes, and programming are becoming key components of a business’s information security defences.

As ethical hackers can earn impressive salaries by making a company’s information security more robust, it has become an attractive career path to become one with 66 per cent of those participating in the survey intending to pursue the activity as a full-time job. But there is more to ethical hacking than just money. Bug bounty programmes offer information security professionals great opportunities to continuously learn valuable and relevant knowledge too, allowing them to build a sustainable career. In contrast, many of them feel that they don’t get from employers what they need in order to keep their skills and knowledge up to date.

Intigriti is a leading bug bounty and vulnerability disclosure platform managing a community of 50,000 ethical hackers. Since May 2021, two-thirds of this community have already discovered vulnerabilities that they haven’t seen before. Additionally, a third (33 per cent) of these ethical hackers don’t believe the vulnerability had the potential to be picked up through a traditional penetration test.

80 per cent of successful cyberattacks were zero-day exploits taking advantage of vulnerabilities that weren’t picked up by penetration testing, as well as how every new feature release and update changes a business’s security posture. Paying for the services of ethical hackers seems to be money well spent.

To learn more about what ethical hackers can do to improve your security posture, read the article.

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About Intigriti

Intigriti is an award-winning bug bounty and vulnerability disclosure platform. The platform enables

organisations to reduce the risk of a cyberattack by allowing Intigriti’s community of 50,000 ethical hackers to continuously test their digital assets for vulnerabilities. Founded in 2016, Intigriti set out to conquer the limitations of traditional security testing. The interactive platform features real-time reports of current vulnerabilities, enabling organisations to obtain greater visibility over their attack surface and remediate issues faster

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Why are more and more businesses hiring ethical hackers?

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