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Lena Erziak. SS 2023 during Haute Couture Week.

Lena Erziak. SS 2023 during Haute Couture Week.

Lena Erziak. SS 2023 during Haute Couture Week.

Lena Erziak. Spring Summer 2023 Couture Collection during Haute Couture Week.

Lena Erziak turns the spotlight on the stars of Hollywood. Inspired by the golden age of cinema, the designer takes her inspiration from an era where couture has never been more in tune with its contemporaries. Like the Hollywood stars, Lena Erziak presents a spectacular luxuriant collection. Without nostalgia, Lena reinvents glamour by adding a very personal and modern vision.

Close-up on sensual materials: the eye glides gently over the silk taffeta. Travelling: we discover daring and bewitching accessories, with bold colors, red, black, light blue and pink. Made of silk satin soaked in soy milk, large rooster feathers and handmade pleats in the brand's Parisian atelier, the collection is designed like a powerful and fearless sequence shot; Lena Erziak shines on camera. Thats a wrap! With intelligence as much as elegance, Lena takes us in front of the white screen of her fantasies for a movie of beauty and dreams...

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Text and Photo: Press Lena Erziak

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By Senior Fashion Editor 24FashionTV: Christina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad

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