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ST NIAN. FW 23/24. Paris Fashion Week

ST NIAN. FW 23/24. Paris Fashion Week

ST NIAN. FW 23/24. Paris Fashion WeekST NIAN. FW 23/24. Paris Fashion Week

ST NIAN. Fall Winter 2023-2024 during Paris Fashion Week.


In the exclusive location of Galerie Bourbon on February 27th, the brand presented the FW 23-24 collection.

When you write about women you have to dip your pen in the rainbow and dry the page with the dust of butterfly wings Denis Diderot.

 Strong and fragile women like butterflies who, like these, unfold their colorful wings, delicate but also powerful, and leave a mark on what they touch: these are the creatures that Nihan Buruk, soul of StNian Paris, has imagined for his FW 23/24. The message is clear: fashion follows women and their needs, creates beauty in diversity and enhances that free and powerful femininity that characterizes them and of which traces remain. Always.

 And use, for the next season, garments inspired by the 20s, in textures as in lines: very light and impalpable like wings, embellished with glass pearl embroidery and crystal and rhinestone light effects, whose motifs ideally re-interpret that dust magic that allows butterflies a harmonious flight. The apparent feminine fragility is belied by the effects of their wing beats which leave traces of their passage in the fabrics and patterns they wear with irony and lightness. Which can be seen and touched in the soft silhouettes that caress the body and reveal it; in the precise lines of the sensual dresses; in the perfect play of proportions that becomes a statement.

 Nihan Buruk has chosen to make fashion out of passion but also to give voice to a precise social commitment that is reflected, season after season, in collections that respect women's fragility and invite ever greater awareness.

The designer, born in Istanbul in 1983, after studying "Fashion and Textile Design" at the city's Yeditepe University, created her brand StNian whose aesthetics have always been accompanied by a precise ethical vision. A recognizable and no gender style, attentive to design and trends together with the care of materials is combined with a profound sensitivity deployed in the social, cultural and environmental fields. Fashion becomes an all-round project in which to rediscover those values that the designer has always pursued: from the right to water to the fight against violence against women with messages that become actions.

Runway looks

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Text and Photo: Press ST NIAN.

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