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UJOH FW 23/24 during Paris Fashion Week

UJOH FW 23/24 during Paris Fashion Week

UJOH FW 23/24 during Paris Fashion Week

UJOH Fall Winter 2023-2024 collection during Paris Fashion Week.

With a distinct awareness of the time that has thus far accumulated, the UJOH 2023 Autumn-Winter collection was created using the brands unique style of expression in a manner that reevaluates its current position to serve as a guidepost for future development. Though seasoned with the slightest hint of strangeness, the collection aims to present a beautiful and modern look through skillful application of the brands characteristic techniques. These have been incorporated discreetly and subtly in the form of jackets cut with slightly unusual shapes, layered styles with ambiguous edges, and other elements. These items, which can be freely combined and re-styled for any gender or body type, are the result of attempts to unravel the relationship between clothing and the human body, and exude a distinctly intelligent and handsome air.

This seasons featured items also include utility wear such as overalls, half-layered pants, and separate jackets held by suspenders.

The mens blousons and womens skirts and dresses are printed with petals of light, inspired by the late Mr. Yukio Nakagawas legendary 2002 performance Tenku Sange (An Offering to Heaven), and red blossoms expressing the gorgeous vitality flowers. The mannish wool serge has also been adorned with charms crafted into hand and eye motifs, making this seasons iconic items even more symbolic.

The key colors are the brands signature olive gray and navy chalk stripes. Along with these, UJOH incorporates new, sensual, dark tones such as wool gabardine in old rose and Paynes grey as well as fabrics in mulberry, bottle green, and rosy brown to create a color palette perfect for autumn and winter.

Runway looks

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