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A New Metaverse Tool for Fan Engagement

A New Metaverse Tool for Fan Engagement

A New Metaverse Tool for Fan Engagement

Hyperreal and Freeverse Receive HBAR Foundation Grant to Develop HyperDream


With support of the Hedera ecosystem, metaverse entertainment company Hyperreal Digital and next-gen NFT technology company Freeverse to develop HyperDream

NEW YORK, USA, July 26, 2022 / — Metaverse entertainment company Hyperreal Digital and next-generation NFT technology platform Freeverse have been awarded a grant from the HBAR Foundation to create HyperDream, a gamified tool for A-List talent in the entertainment industry to engage with their fans across metaverse environments.

HyperDream will operate on the Hedera network, the world’s fastest and most secure and sustainable distributed ledger designed for the new and evolving digital ecosystem. With HyperDream, artists, musicians, celebrities, and brands can use their digital assets, including Hyperreal’s digital human doubles known as HyperModels, to connect with fans in the metaverse. Freeverse’s ‘NFT 2.0’ technology will allow HyperModels to evolve over time based on social media activity, fan engagement, and more. This engagement will be converted into rewards, both real and virtual, thus driving the market value of the digital avatar, or NFT. Fans will also be able to own and trade HyperDream tokens, all processed on the carbon-negative Hedera network.

Hyperreal is well known as the leading maker of hyper-realistic digital assets, most notably digital twins for A-list talent like The Notorious B.I.G. and Paul McCartney. The HyperModel is a hyper-realistic digital human that can be any age, speak any language, and perform in any current or future digital media environment – including film, TV, video games, immersive interactive experiences, e-commerce, and installations.

“HyperDream is another way in which our HyperModels can unlock new opportunities for talent and brands,” said Sergi Sagas, VP Web3 of Hyperreal. “This grant from the HBAR Foundation will accelerate the evolution of fan engagement.”

Freeverse’s ‘NFT 2.0’ technology enables the properties of any NFT, or ‘Living Asset,’ to evolve and change based on how the NFT is used, making it easier to generate and distribute millions of NFTs to end-users while ensuring their market value is determined by their utility, opposed to speculation. “We are honored to receive the support of the Hedera ecosystem and to be partnering with Hyperreal as they continue pushing the boundaries of digital human technology,” said Alun Evans, Co-founder and CEO of Freeverse. “The opportunities for brands to engage with fans in the metaverse are limitless, and our mission with HyperDream is to assure the experience is sustainable and valuable for everyone.”

”The Hyperreal team’s groundbreaking work has disrupted the animation industry and pioneered the business of digital humans in top grossing feature films and best selling video games for the past three decades,” said Alex Russman, VP and Head of the Metaverse Fund at The HBAR Foundation. “Their award-winning, immersive entertainment work with some of the world’s greatest entertainers, as well as their experience creating virtual assets for metaverse concerts by Sony Music Entertainment and Verizon are truly astounding, and we are pleased to support their newest endeavor with Freeverse, being built on the world’s most scalable, sustainable public ledger.”

Hyperreal and Freeverse plan to release an initial version of the HyperDream platform in late 2022, with a full release in 2023.

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