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Accessible Hearing Aids Offers Hearing Evaluations and Free Hearing Aids for Those Who Qualify

Accessible Hearing Aids Offers Hearing Evaluations and Free Hearing Aids for Those Who Qualify

Accessible Hearing Aids Offers Hearing Evaluations and Free Hearing Aids for Those Who Qualify

Hearing aids are specifically adjusted and programmed to the individual needs of each patient.

Accessible Hearing Aids

AHA offers hearing screenings and free hearing aids to those who qualify.

Accessible Hearing Aids

Dr. Joe “Tripp” Griffith, III, AuD, CCC-A specializes in the diagnosis and care of hearing loss, diseases of the ear, and balance disorders.

Dr. Brooks Bothe, AuD

Dr. Brooks Bothe, AuD, consults with patients on hearing aids and assists with fittings, follow-up and repairs .

Audiologist Dr. Joe Griffith stresses the importance of early hearing checks and offers how-to videos for replacing hearing aids on YouTube.

It’s recommended that you have your hearing screened at least once a year, especially if you are over the age of 40.”

— Dr. Joe “Tripp” Griffith III

NEW ORLEANS, LA, UNITED STATES , July 26, 2022 / — Accessible Hearing Aids (AHA), owned and operated by Dr. Joe “Tripp” Griffith III, continues demonstrating its commitment to the latest digital hearing aid technology and commitment to helping patients get the most out of their hearing aids. While serving the region from their Metairie office, they have reached a national audience through their YouTube channel that features several instructional videos on hearing aid cleaning and care. AHA also offers a free hearing evaluation that has assisted countless clients in obtaining free hearing aids if qualified through insurance or other support.

Dr. Griffith understands how crucial treatment of hearing loss is to a patient’s overall physical, mental, and emotional health. “Treatment of hearing loss has been shown to improve communication in relationships, sense of control over your life, social participation, and emotional stability,” he said. The benefits of hearing aids increase the enjoyability of life’s moments and improve your engagement with people and your surroundings. Hearing aids

enable you to better contribute to the workplace, increase your productivity, and allow room for greater improvements in personal and professional relationships.

Accessible Hearing Aid’s website has a free hearing screening available for all ages to get patients started on their journey to better hearing. “It’s recommended that you have your hearing checked at least once a year, especially if you are over the age of 40,” Dr. Griffith said. AHA offers a free hearing evaluation that not only diagnoses problems and determines the best avenue for treatment but also guides patients trying to qualify for their hearing aids to be paid through private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, vocational rehab, national and state foundations, and the Veterans Health Administration. AHA also guarantees the most up-to-date advances in hearing aid technology, such as programmable processors fine-tuned for each user. Hearing aids can be adjusted for noise and wind reduction, wireless connectivity to phones and other mobile devices, or compatibility with doorbells and smoke alarms.

If your evaluation reveals that you could benefit from hearing aids, AHA provides you with live speech mapping and real-ear measures during your hearing aid fitting. Real-ear measures tune amplification based on your personal needs. Custom earmolds ensure that patients who play music, hunt, swim, and frequently use Bluetooth to make phone calls have the best protection possible. AHA supplies batteries in small packets or bulk boxes, which means your new hearing aids will always be charged and ready to go. Before the end of your fitting appointment, you will receive information on how to clean hearing aids, replace batteries, filters, and domes, and how to program Bluetooth/FM compatible accessories. Accessible Hearing Aid’s team is always available to reassess this information with you for as long as you use hearing aids. Most of this information is publicly available in the form of highly educational videos on AHA’s YouTube channel.

Dr. Joe Griffith began a private practice in audiology in 2015, intending to make hearing treatment easily available by offering house calls and in-house visits to patients’ offices or living communities. He received his Doctorate in Audiology from Auburn University and is affiliated with the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association and the Louisiana Academy of Audiology. Dr. Griffith sees and treats patients of all ages.

Improving your quality of life through better hearing is only a phone call away! Call Dr. Joe Griffith at 504-738-4557 to schedule your free hearing evaluation or visit to fill out the Accessible Hearing Aid’s contact form.

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Accessible Hearing Aids – How Ear Health Can Affect Your Overall Health

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