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With the name change, hopes that it will be able to attract more visitors to its website interested in learning more about themselves and the ones around them. Changed Its Name and is Now

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Popular astrology site,, has changed its name to The renaming, according to management, will help simplify the organization's branding and make it easier for visitors to type the URL into their browsers. 

The name change is significant news for the online community interested in star signs, astrology, Vedic principles, tarot cards, and horoscopes. attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors each day. The site's apps on the Play Store and Apple Store will see their names change, too, as part of the rebranding effort.

Even with the name change, though, is keen to point out that most of the site's features remain intact. A lot of the rebranding is cosmetic and many of the underlying services will remain identical. 

For instance, will continue to offer pages describing the characteristics of people with different star signs. Users can still view their strengths, weaknesses, likes, and dislikes. And they can read about how each star sign enjoys love and sex, friends and family.

The ever-popular horoscopes section will remain, too. will continue to provide daily, weekly, monthly and free email horoscopes to its keen audience. These fun snippets give insights into what is likely to transpire in users' lives, depending on their star sign. However, they are not intended as firm predictions.

Fun romance-related elements will remain, too. will continue to provide detailed information about the relationship compatibility of people born at different times of the year. Aries users, for instance, can read about their compatibility with Pisces, Libras, Capricorns, and Virgos. will also continue to provide encyclopedic information about zodiac signs and the four elements. Users will be able to read about how they all interact with each other and what elements actually mean. Helpfully, provides in-depth information about air, fire, water, and earth. It also chronicles which star signs match up to which elements. For instance, "air in the zodiac are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius," the site says. "People born under the strong influence of these signs have a problem fitting into a regular order of their surroundings."

To find out more about each element, users simply click the helpful buttons at the top of the page. The site will then serve up valuable information about the elements and, critically, the reasons why people associate them with various star signs. 

The site's encyclopedic information on tarot cards will also remain in place after the name change. Users can still read a short history of the cards, how they work, and their relationship to conventional astrology. "The link between the two is complicated," according to It "requires a thorough knowledge of both methods and detailed understanding of each card, zodiac sign, and planet, through their subtle connections."

Once users have read through the introductory material, they can then click on a list of tarot cards and read about each of them individually. There are pages for the major arcana cards, such as The Fool and The Magician, as well as cards in the wands, cups, swords, and coins categories. 

The level of detail on the site is extraordinary. Each tarot card page introduces the meaning of the card, what time period the card refers to, and some of the implications of selecting it. For instance, some cards indicate that illness will soon come while others implore us to stop neglecting our creative sides. offers impartial advice on all the astrological topics it covers. Unlike other sites, it does not have any particular philosophical or doctrinal bias. All the information that it displays is based on the position of the sun and users' natal charts. If it does not have full horoscope information, its predictions will only be partially accurate, just like any other astrological examination. 

The site is keen to point out that astrology is not a crystal ball.

"The true function of astrology is not exactly to predict our future," the site says, "but to help us develop, grow and understand ourselves better." wants to attract more users to its site following the name change. It believes that when people start to develop an interest in astrology, they start to develop an appreciation of the mystery of reality. 

But unlike many other sites, does not claim that it can tell people what will happen to them next in their lives. It also avoids any attempt to extract money from its audience. The site is content with providing users with impartial information to help them flourish. also takes the science of astrology seriously. According to the site, the content that it publishes is more than mere stories. There's real academic clout behind some of the claims. 

Astrology was once an accepted part of the natural sciences, it says. Most natural philosophers deemed it to be fundamental to the understanding of the universe. Unfortunately, the church corrupted the perception of the discipline, and it soon fell out of serious study. 

With that said, is keen to emphasize that more work needs to be done to complete the discipline. "Many of the scientists proclaiming [that astrology is not a science] haven't had the opportunity to do any real astrological statistical analysis," it says. has a significant team of people working behind the scenes to generate quality new content that appears daily. The name change, the site hopes, will increase demand for its predictions and make it even more popular among its current user base.

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