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Benefunder Acquires Impactly

Benefunder Acquires Impactly

Benefunder adds Impactly to its suite of services to help private funders manage all aspects of philanthropy and impact investing in one place.

Benefunder has acquired Impactly, an industry-leading family office and foundation management system. We are happy to share that the transaction is final, the team and platform are now part of Benefunder, and the technology and services are being fully integrated.

About Impactly

Impactly was developed as a single true ledger for family offices and foundations that want to align their full capital stack along mission. Impactly’s first client was the Sobrato Organization, a large multi-generational family office in Silicon Valley, as a way to streamline workflows, deployment, and management of impact capital. It consolidates multiple systems into one and provides visibility across the organization, actionable insights, and the ability to collaborate across common areas of interest among family members.

The Sobrato Org’s primary focus areas are Economic Mobility & Development, Sustainable Agriculture, Oceans, Methane Abatement, Deforestation, Healthcare as well as other areas in which they are open to collaborating with other funders.

Impactly was developed by Eric Brisson, an accomplished entrepreneur, data scientist, philanthropist, impact investor, and member of the Sobrato family, along with his colleague and co-founder, Nick Foster, MBA. In a matter of two years, Nick and Eric were able to solve some of the most complex, pervasive problems facing family offices, helping their first client deploy more capital, faster, while uncovering critical insights into existing portfolios, and replacing multiple tools, saving time and costs. 

What’s Next?

Benefunder will be commercializing and expanding Impactly’s user base in order to accelerate resource deployment among private funders. The Sobrato Org will continue to use Impactly as a founding client; Eric Brisson will be joining Benefunder’s board and will be deeply involved in the strategic development of the platform. Nick will be joining the team as a Director, leading Client Success, Support, and Product Development going forward. Impactly will operate as a stand-alone business unit within Benefunder, as well as part of an end-to-end client solution for resource deployment in tandem with Mandate Services and Capital Markets. Impactly will also become the reporting and management tools for Benefunder’s existing services.

We are also excited to share that the BQuest Foundation in San Diego has joined as the second user of the platform. Their primary focus is around climate, education and economic development, with an emphasis around solar power proliferation and CO2 reduction. They have been very innovative in pushing the envelope around deploying across various funding structures, including grants, loans, as well as program and mission-related investments, all of which are seamlessly managed on Impactly.

Big Picture

We’ve seen and heard from some of the largest and most sophisticated family offices and foundations who struggle with knowing whom to deploy capital to, how to properly evaluate opportunities, structuring transactions, managing them, and identifying other like-minded partners to work with. This is estimated to have left $10+ billion sidelined annually in philanthropy alone and does not include a likely much larger amount for impact investing. There is a growing trend of funders seeking to align their full capital stack along mission and Impactly is the first tool that allows them to manage both sides seamlessly. That’s why we’re incredibly excited about the opportunity to offer an end-to-end solution to support private funders and their impact objectives and to connect with other funders in a secure, discreet environment in order to solve major societal challenges. Impactly closes the loop for us in providing support during every step of the deployment process and we believe it will be the perfect compliment to our existing Mandate and Capital Markets services.  Starting with stalwarts in the impact space like The Sobrato Org and BQuest Foundation will help us grow our capabilities, networks, and reach exponentially.

About Benefunder 

Benefunder is an end-to-end solution for family offices and private foundations that want to deploy philanthropic and impact investment capital more efficiently. We offer the Impactly platform, Mandate Services, and Capital Markets as a la carte services to funders to address complexities that otherwise drive expenses, prolong timelines, and reduce the likelihood of intended outcomes.

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