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Blood, Lies and Royal Succession Becomes The No. 1 History Podcast Series, Climbing The Charts In 25 Countries

Blood, Lies and Royal Succession Becomes The No. 1 History Podcast Series, Climbing The Charts In 25 Countries

Blood, Lies and Royal Succession Becomes The No. 1 History Podcast Series, Climbing The Charts In 25 Countries

The new podcast series exploring the power of the House of Windsor is now the fastest growing series in the world at No.1 in the Apple Podcast history charts

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 5, 2022 / — The hit new podcast series THE FIRM: BLOOD, LIES, AND ROYAL SUCCESSION—produced and distributed by Audology, the audio division of Empire Media Group (EMG)—continues to dominate the Apple history charts globally, and quickly seized the No.1 spot in Australia. Across multiple categories, the series outperformed the likes of American Scandal (Wondery), British Scandal (Wondery ), Slow Burn (Slate Podcasts ), You’re Dead To Me (BBC Radio 4) and Sword and Scale (Incongruity).

Apple’s charts are considered the most-watched public-facing measure of podcast success.

THE FIRM: BLOOD, LIES, AND ROYAL SUCCESSION explores the controversies, scandals, and cover-ups of the British monarchy and tells how behind the opulence and regal tradition lies an underbelly compromising generations of hundreds of men and women who make up the royal household; from servants, consultants, advisers and protectors of the House of Windsor. Together, these disciples of the monarch have kept the institution humming, all under a reign of duty and destiny dating back to the ninth century.

On June 30, the podcast hit number one in Australia and number two in New Zealand and maintained the position throughout the July 4 weekend in the United States. The Firm also rose or maintained its position on the charts in 25 separate counties and markets: the United States of America, Great Britain, Canada, France, Sweden, Brazil, Norway, Ireland, Denmark, Japan, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, India, Portugal, Philippines, Hong Kong, Finland, United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Czech Republic, Venezuela and Macau.

In the latest chapter that dropped July 5, titled Affairs Below Stairs, THE FIRM production team looks into the story of Queen Victoria, also known as the Queen who was “not amused”, a stern, fearsome figure who expanded the British empire to control a quarter of the globe, and who remained in mourning for late husband Albert for more than half her life. But away from the public eye, The Firm discovered, Victoria was also a woman with a healthy love of physical contact, and whose close “friendships” with two of her servants threatened to become full-blown scandals.

Listen to the episode HERE.

In chapter three, THE FIRM revisited the reign of George III, the “misunderstood monarch” who was The King from 1760 until his death in 1820. Chapter Three: The Madness of George III, revealed ​​that the misunderstood monarch was far from being the mad tyrant as portrayed in Hamilton, and was in fact suffering from bipolar disorder, and became the victim of a smear campaign by America’s founding fathers in order to justify the war of independence.

Brought to you by the team behind America’s leading royals publication The Royal Observer, and featuring authoritative guests including insider royal correspondents, bestselling authors, former employees of the Palace and personal friends of senior members of the royal family, THE FIRM: BLOOD, LIES, AND ROYAL SUCCESSION serves as both a fascinating insight into 500 years of royal history, and an eye-opening exploration of just how the institution has evolved and adapted… and how it continues to do so in the face of recent unprecedented challenges to its standing.

The Firm is written by Dominic Utton, produced by Douglas Montero, and edited by Sean Kravit. The series is hosted by Jonathan Lock. Executive Producers are Dylan Howard (Fatal Voyage: The Mysterious Death of Natalie Wood, The Killing of Marilyn Monroe, Diana: Case Solved) and Melissa Cronin (Epstein: Devil in the Darkness).

Over the next nine weeks, new episodes will be available to download weekly via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play, and everywhere podcasts are available.

Audology, EMG’s podcast division, launched earlier this year with podcast productions powered by artificial intelligence for EMG brands,, and


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Blood, Lies and Royal Succession Becomes The No. 1 History Podcast Series, Climbing The Charts In 25 Countries

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