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Cheba Hut Once Again Partners With Last Prisoner Project

Cheba Hut Once Again Partners With Last Prisoner Project

As the cannabis-themed “toasted” sub-concept prepares to light up another year of slingin’ dank food and chill vibes, it’s marking the occasion by raising money for the cannabis criminal justice reform non-profit organization.

Although cannabis has come a long way since Scott Jennings, the founder of Cheba Hut, sparked up his first toaster over 26 years ago, the brand acknowledges that there is still a long road ahead towards full justice reform for the plant and its common users. Thousands of Americans are still serving extended prison sentences for previous charges of the plant, even in states where marijuana is now decriminalized.

For the third year in a row, Cheba Hut, the cannabis-themed sandwich & bar concept with more than 60+ locations spread across the U.S., is joining forces with Last Prisoner Project to help correct these cannabis-related injustices. This non-profit organization leverages legal intervention, public education, and legislative advocacy in support of one single mission: to set free every last one of the tens of thousands of people locked up for possession of marijuana.

Last Prisoner Project expressed gratitude saying, “We are lucky to have the support of countless cannabis brands, dispensaries, and outspoken individuals who constantly find new ways to help accomplish our mission of freeing every last prisoner. We are honored to continue this partnership with Cheba Hut and continue the tradition of SmokeOut InJustice Day!”

Three years ago, Cheba Hut designated their anniversary on January 20th as SmokeOut InJustice Day and could not be more thrilled to continue the tradition this year! On Saturday, January 20th, all participating Cheba Hut shops will donate $2 of every entree sold to the Last Prisoner Project. This includes both in-shop and delivery entrees.

Last year, Cheba Hut raised over $100,000 in funds for LPP, after being matched by Dutchie. This year, other brands that support LPP have teamed up with Cheba Hut to show their support. The list includes Dime Bags, Native Roots, King Palm, and Wana Brands.

Nancy Whiteman, co-founder & CEO of Wana Brands and founder of Wana Brands Foundation explains, “The Wana Brands Foundation and Wana Brands are committed to the Last Prisoners Project’s mission that no one should be incarcerated for offenses that are now legal. Our contributions alongside Cheba Hut will provide financial support for the people exiting the prison system as well as their families with the goal of breaking the cycle of continued oppression due to the incarceration of a family member. This collaboration with Cheba Hut goes beyond mere fundraising; it is an active endeavor to foster positive change in communities and advance essential social reform.”

Additionally, Wana Brands is donating $25,000 to LPP and will be onsite at certain Cheba Hut shops on 1/20/24.

Brian Loeb, Cheba Hut’s Vice President of Marketing explains, “Although SOIJ is only three years old now, the event has rooted deep into the fabric of Cheba culture through our customers and crews. SmokeOut InJustice is about giving back to the many good people peacefully fighting against outdated legal systems, while simultaneously celebrating the monumental progress that is taking place every single day. In addition to our incredible partners, we'd like to thank each and every customer who drops in Saturday, January 20th to help the Hut SmokeOut InJustice!”

Whether you order a White Widow to enjoy on your couch or grab some homies and hit up your local Cheba Hut to show support, mark your calendars for Saturday, January 20th, and SmokeOut InJustice with Cheba Hut.

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