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Could Network Marketing Save Income Concerns?

Could Network Marketing Save Income Concerns?

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - November 3, 2022 - (

Obscure Industries, a privately held independent consultancy that focuses on specialty advertising for the specialty verticals and private elite, joins the ranks of businesses that are linking themselves to large network marketing outfits. With another recession as a strong possibility on the horizon, as well as the shift in working norms, there has been an overwhelming uptick in working remote opportunities. And while global companies such as Amazon and Alo Yoga are offering network opportunities, Obscure has chosen a newer platform called, Savvi. Savvi athleisure wear has hit the scene within the last 18 months and is quickly becoming one of the more desired athletic and athleisure wear companies to not only don, but to offer as a brand partner. The "wear and share" programs they offer mimic more of an everyday person as an influencer. This is appealing to not only Gen X'ers and Millennials, but this company has quite a corporate following as well. So why have established, reputable businesses joined with a newer apparel company?

According to many sources, including, an Insuranks survey has stated that 93% of all Americans have a 'side hustle' of some kind as of 2022.

The CEO of Obscure, Brandwyn Boyle, stated: "This is not only the new norm but may even be necessary as global economic stats start to narrow with so much unknown. Having a Plan B has never served anyone poorly, but it may become required to ensure the average family bills are paid, we are simply jumping on a great investment and attaching our brand to what we believe will be the next LuLulemon or Fabletics, before it hits its stride."

Savvi has reached over $75 million in sales within its first 18 months. This is monumental because most clothing brands don't ever reach that mark within the first five years of business. While sometimes given an unfortunate label, MLMs or the more modern "Network Marketing" programs are now becoming a more manageable and realistic way to bring in not just side income, but a very tangible and successful full-time career, even in a down market. Modern social influencing has changed the game. Gone are the days of hosting parties and hitting up your neighborhood. With social media bringing the ability to reach thousands of people instantly, it has never been easier to reach a target audience, which is why businesses are joining these models.

"Influencer style marketing is going to replace the regular digital ad, and network platforms are replacing old school business models," says Boyle. Savvi's platform is growing quickly, but there is opportunity to be one of the first brand partners in your local market. Thousands of businesses, as well as individuals, are looking to network marketing for companies like Amazon as well as newer platforms to help sustain. Network-based marketing may be a saving grace to many businesses and families as the economy heads towards more unknown territory. 

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