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Credello: BNPL Users Are Really Struggling Right Now

Credello: BNPL Users Are Really Struggling Right Now

Credello: You might have heard the term BNPL before. It stands for "buy now, pay later." This is a way of buying something, usually a larger purchase. You might use the BNPL method to buy a living room set or a new washer and dryer.

BNPL can be beneficial, but it's also possible to get yourself into trouble with it. We'll talk about why some consumers who have used the BNPL model aren't having the best time right now. We'll also go over the benefits of debt consolidation since that factors into this conversation.  

How BNPL Works

The buy now, pay later method works well if you want to get something and bring it home that same day, but you do not have the cash to pay for it outright. This might happen if you see some decorative item that will look good in your home or perhaps one with a practical purpose.

If you buy now and pay later, you might put some money down, and then you agree you will pay the rest during a certain designated period. The business entity from which you're buying the item might give you a grace period of three months, six months, or perhaps as long as a year, during which you need to make no payments.

The Possible Danger

If you want something badly, you might not worry about the future much. You just want that item, and you feel like you'll have plenty of time to pay it off within the next couple of years. Maybe you can do that with no problems.

Where things get tricky is if you lose your job or something else unforeseen happens while you assumed you would be paying off the rest of the item's price. If that happens, you're still on the hook for the rest of that money, even though you're not sure how you'll pay it.

Why Individuals Who Did BNPL Aren't So Happy

Some of those who did BNPL in 2019 or during 2020's earliest days didn't know the pandemic was coming. When it arrived, it blindsided them. 

Maybe they couldn't work for months, and they used most of their savings. Now, the rest of the money is due on those BNPL items. They may not have the cash to pay off the outstanding debt, though.

What's the Solution?

No two individuals or families will want to get out of debt the same way. You must look at your situation carefully and determine the best path forward.

Many who did BNPL and now don't have the money to pay off the remainder of their outstanding debt are turning to debt consolidation options, though. Debt consolidation can help you lower your overall interest rates by combining all your debts into a single loan with a lower interest rate.

Debt consolidation can help reduce the stress of dealing with multiple creditors and managing various payment schedules and it can improve your credit score over time by reducing your credit utilization ratio and making it easier to make timely payments. 

Use BNPL Cautiously

No one who used BNPL could have known a pandemic was on the horizon, but still, you can take a lesson from all this. The BNPL method is risky because you don't know what the future holds. 

Usually, it's better to only buy something if you can afford to pay for it all at once. If you purchased something using BNPL and are now trying to pay off what you owe, consider debt consolidation. It might make the most sense from a financial standpoint.  

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