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Crypto Gaming Guide Bitgamble Provides Reviews and Educational Content

Crypto Gaming Guide Bitgamble Provides Reviews and Educational Content

LONDON - November 11, 2022 - (

Bitgamble is a crypto gaming review platform that offers unbiased and in-depth reviews of cryptocurrency gaming platforms.

"Our main focus is to ease the gap of trust between the user and the gaming platform by filtering out the bad actors and highlighting the pros and cons of each platform, making it simpler for the user to make up their mind." - Tork Petterson, Communications Manager for Bitgamble.

The lack of regulatory bodies and the presence of scams and fraud in the crypto gaming industry made it very challenging for users to navigate and sign up by themselves. There were many cases of gaming platforms that went completely rogue by stealing user funds, closing their accounts for no reason, breaching their terms of service, refusing to pay out winnings or requesting too much information, such as asking for the user's social security number.

Bitgamble acts as a gatekeeper for users that are new to the crypto gaming industry with aim of guiding and fine-tuning their decision-making. The website uses a specific metric when analyzing a new platform, in addition to cross-checking global complaints and user feedback with relevant third parties to further complement the final analysis. If a platform passes the evaluation, it gets posted with any additional information that is important for the user to know; if it fails the evaluation and depending on the severity, the platform gets either red-flagged or added to the 'wall of shame.' On top of that, cryptocurrency educational guides can be found on the site that informs users on the latest cryptocurrency trends, and teaches them how to participate in airdrops and basic know-how such as how to use decentralized exchanges or install crypto wallets. 

On another note, Bitgamble plans to add new features and enhance its online exposure and industry presence in early Q1, 2023 by collaborating with industry players and hosting weekly giveaways and other bonuses for its readers and users.

Traditional online gaming platforms that only accept fiat, require intrusive and endless verification documents from their customers and take seven days to process payments are a slowly dying breed. The merge of cryptocurrencies and online gaming platforms revolutionized the way the industry operates. The integration of blockchain technology brought transparency and immutability to the online gaming industry, which allowed a new breed of game modes to spawn, such as the addition of provably fair games where each roll can be manually verified by the player instead of relying on the gaming platform's algorithm. The following has created a trustless environment for players, thus leaving minimal possibility for cheating to occur.

In addition, the integration of cryptocurrencies has allowed for instant withdrawals without the need to revert to a third-party payment provider, and with lower fees and enhanced privacy and security which greatly altered the way the gaming industry operates. 

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