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EcoClear Products’ System6® Solution Helps Simplify Commercial and Industrial Cleaning

EcoClear Products’ System6® Solution Helps Simplify Commercial and Industrial Cleaning

Despite the waning pandemic, demand for clean homes and public places remains strong. System6® delivers an easy-to-use, all-in-one, affordable solution for businesses.

SARASOTA, Fla. - December 6, 2022 - (

Even with the COVID-19 pandemic waning, demand for cleaners and disinfectants remains strong. Only 31% of consumers say they will clean less when the pandemic ends, according to public market research firm Mintel. And businesses remain heavily invested in cleaning, because people expect places of service, such as restaurants, hotels, and airports to be as clean as their homesEcoClear Products helps businesses deliver those clean public spaces economically with System6®, a single-chemical cleaning system for all environments.

The pandemic drove business owners and decision-makers to educate themselves about cleaners, and as a result, they have become more accepting of novel formulas, but they also want concentrated cleaning solutions to cut waste and shipping costs. System6® delivers on those goals with a novel, environmentally friendly, concentrated solution. 

"System6 has what people are looking for today," said Christopher Stidd, CEO of EcoClear. "It's cost-effective because it's designed to be diluted on-site and doesn't need any fillers or builders. And because you can easily create any of six different blends for different cleaning purposes, you don't need an inventory of multiple chemical cleaning products."

System6® also is free from alkylphenol ethoxylates and is readily biodegradable and requires less mechanical action and dwell time on surfaces. "It's essentially a 'dirt magnet' within liquid that requires no scrubbing when cleaning," Stidd said. 

The System-6® dispenser enables six preset blends to dispense at the touch of a button. It automatically measures, mixes, and dispenses EcoClear's powerful, ready-to-use cleaning solution.

System6® is ideal for any cleaning needs that do not require sanitization, such as:

  • Glass, Resilient Floor & Light Cleaning
  • Multipurpose Cleaning
  • Light Degreasing
  • Fabric & Carpet Pre-treating & Cleaning
  • Stubborn Stain Removing
  • Heavy Duty & Outdoor Cleaning (Concrete Floors)

In addition to streamlining the number of chemicals used to clean a facility, System6® also helps customers maximize the full potential of the product offering. For example, by using the first setting on the wall dispenser, one gallon of System6® can make more than 1,500 32-ounce bottles of window cleaner.

EcoClear continues to expand its offerings of green cleaning and odor-eliminating products for homes and businesses. To learn more about EcoClear's offerings, visit

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EcoClear Products is dedicated to innovating effective pest and rodent control products that are safe for use around people, pets, livestock and wildlife. The EcoClear team's chemists are passionate about creating environmentally conscious products and have received four Presidential Green Chemistry awards. EcoClear provides consumers and professionals excellent alternatives to harmful rodenticides and insecticides. For more information, visit

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