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Free of Fear Full of Joy First Podcast Episode Released

Free of Fear Full of Joy First Podcast Episode Released

Podcast Will Focus on Empowering Women Across Generations

LOS ANGELES - October 11, 2022 - (

The first episode of Free of Fear Full of Joy, a girl empowerment podcast, has been released. The multigenerational/interracial podcast, hosted by Johari Williams and Sarah Manuel, will focus on "strong opinions and good intentions." 

Through shared stories of loss and trauma, the podcast is designed to take those potentially negative experiences and turn them into motivational podcasts for women and others. Through this process, the hosts hope to help listeners to become more optimistic, to not allow loss and trauma to dictate their lives. 

The title of the podcast is a reference to a mantra Johari Williams created during a particularly challenging time. It refers to specific mantras she created: "First, I will be fearless in my communication. Second, I will be consistent in my communication. Third, I will be free of fear in my decisions. Fourth, I will find joy in my communication, consistency, and decisions." 

"We want to be encouraging and positive. Even though Sarah is 37 and I'm a bit older, we've found so many commonalities. We've found that we both have this desire to want to help people, and not necessarily to tell them what to do. We can provide experience in what we've gone through. Then, we can help folks to move forward in their own way, if not necessarily in our own way. This is a podcast about confronting and dealing with bad situations for women who are going through it from women who have gotten through it. We really enjoy this life, and look forward to sharing words of encouragement, wisdom, and even a little silliness. Well, a lot of silliness," said Johari Williams, co-host of Free of Fear Full of Joy. 

The podcast is available for download from the Free of Fear Full of Joy website but can also be found on Spotify, Pandora, Stitcher, and elsewhere. Currently, they are working on new episodes. 

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