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Happy Head Launches New All-in-One Hair Growth SuperCapsule for Women

Happy Head Launches New All-in-One Hair Growth SuperCapsule for Women

Happy Head and Its Dermatologists Have Developed an All-in-One Daily Capsule With Spironolactone, Minoxidil and Vitamin D3 to Treat Women's Hair Loss

Happy Head today announces the launch of its new hair-growing 3-in-1 SuperCapsuleTM for women under 50. Designed by top-of-the-line board-certified dermatologists and hair restoration experts, these once-daily hair growth capsules were formulated with the strongest prescription-grade ingredients designed specifically for women's hair growth. These SuperCapsulesTM are the first of their kind, infusing FDA-approved ingredients including Spironolactone, Minoxidil, and Vitamin D3 all into a single daily capsule.

Hair loss is a condition that affects millions of people, causing intense psychological and emotional distress. And women make up more than 40 percent of those struggling with hair loss and female pattern baldness. However, women are often left with limited treatment options: many treatments are designed only with male biology in mind. But with hair loss being so closely tied to hormone levels in the body, many treatment options come with undesirable side effects for women or are just flat-out ineffective.

Happy Head launched its first SuperCapsuleTM geared towards men and women over age 50 in January 2023. After seeing huge success with the product, the company has decided to expand the portfolio and launch a version especially designed for the needs of women under 50. This new formulation was designed specifically with women under 50 in mind. The main ingredients of the capsule include Spironolactone, Minoxidil, and Vitamin D3, which are some of the strongest, clinically proven hair growth medicines on the market. Dermatologists say three to six months of daily SuperCapsuleTM use will not only help regrow lost hair, but also prevent future hair loss. 

"There are several key differences between hair loss patterns in men and women," said Dr. Ben Behnam, M.D., FAAD, and co-founder of Happy Head. "These differences are essential to consider when it comes to making an effective treatment plan. There is a lot of emotional suffering when people are dealing with hair loss. At Happy Head, we hope to ease some of the psychological effects of hair loss and aim to give both men and women renewed confidence regarding their hair." 

About Happy Head

Happy Head is a telemedicine provider of dermatologist-prescribed, customized hair medicine and treatments. Founded in 2021, Happy Head specializes in customized formulas to prevent and treat hair loss in both men and women. Happy Head products are backed by some of the best dermatologists and hair restoration experts in the industry. The company hopes to help people struggling with hair loss to not only regrow their hair, but also regain their confidence and sense of self that is sometimes caused by hair loss.  

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