Breaking News to Participate in the Renowned HLTH Conference in Las Vegas to Participate in the Renowned HLTH Conference in Las Vegas

Evidence-Based Psychedelic Medicine Company to Join Leading Health Care Conference, a leading name in the field of psychedelic medicine and integrated wellness, is delighted to announce its attendance at the upcoming HLTH Conference in Las Vegas. Renowned for being a hotspot for healthcare innovation and dialogue, the HLTH Conference offers a dynamic platform for to showcase its revolutionary healthcare solutions.

"We're incredibly excited to be part of the HLTH Conference this year," states Sean Carr, CEO of "This event is a gathering of the most forward-thinking minds in healthcare, and we are eager to share our unique approach to improving patient outcomes through psychedelic medicine and holistic care."


Under the leadership of CEO Sean Carr, has distinguished itself as an avant-garde player in the realm of psychedelic medicine. The company specializes in a multi-modal treatment paradigm that includes regulated access to psychedelic treatments such as ketamine-assisted psychotherapy. complements this offering with a range of additional services, including executive leadership coaching, nutrition counseling, and spirituality programs, aiming to bring about holistic wellness.

By taking an integrated approach to healthcare, succeeds in treating the entire individual — physically, mentally, and emotionally — following stringent scientific protocols and regulatory guidelines to ensure both safety and efficacy.

A Multifaceted Approach to Healthcare

What sets apart is its commitment to an integrated healthcare experience. Utilizing a blend of cutting-edge psychedelic medicines and complementary therapies, the company is uniquely positioned to make meaningful impacts on patient health and well-being.

The HLTH Conference

The HLTH Conference is a yearly event that attracts professionals, innovators, and stakeholders from various sectors within the healthcare industry. Taking place in Las Vegas, the conference is a global stage for transformative conversations and actionable insights into the future of healthcare.

Join Us at the HLTH Conference will be taking meetings on Sunday, Oct. 8, and Monday, Oct. 9. Attendees are invited to schedule time with CEO Sean Carr to learn more about the organization’s groundbreaking healthcare approaches and to engage directly with him and the rest of the team. "We are committed to driving the conversation forward on psychedelic medicine and holistic healthcare," adds Carr. "The HLTH Conference serves as an ideal platform for us to engage with like-minded professionals and collaborate on defining the future of healthcare."

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