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HomeAid Collects & Distributes Over Six Million Critical Items in 2023 Essentials Drive Campaigns

HomeAid Collects & Distributes Over Six Million Critical Items in 2023 Essentials Drive Campaigns

HomeAid Affiliates Across the Country Distributed 3.6 Million Diapers and Over 2.4 Million Baby Wipes in 2023 to Families in Need

HomeAid affiliates, in collaboration with several HomeAid building and nonprofit partners, collected over six million essential items to help those experiencing or at risk of homelessness, during the 2023 HomeAid Essentials Drives that took place from March to August. These necessary items will provide much-needed resources to children, families, and other individuals across the nation.

This year's HomeAid Essentials drives spread across the country with 11 participating HomeAid affiliates. Most of the drives collected critical items for children and families. HomeAid Phoenix collected socks and underwear, a crucial need for individuals who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

Due to the recent rise in inflation in the United States, the overall cost of diapers has risen an unprecedented 22% since 2018 while U.S. inflation rates peaked at 9.1% in June 2022. That means prices are rising at more than double the rate of inflation, according to NielsenIQ, a data firm that tracks consumer prices.

To help combat this growing crisis that many families face, 10 HomeAid affiliates collected and distributed over 3.6 million diapers, over 2.4 million wipes, and nearly 69,000 other critical baby items in eight different states.

Government assistance programs generally cover welfare, food stamps, and Medicaid for low-income households in need, but diapers and wipes are typically not a commodity covered. HomeAid affiliates across the country help address and serve this need by contributing these necessary items to our nonprofit partners who, in turn, give them directly to those families and individuals in need.

"Incredible strides have been made through HomeAid's annual Essentials Drives, thanks to the remarkable generosity and compassion of our community. This year's drive has not only provided essential diapers and other essential items to countless families in need but has also served as a powerful reminder of the positive change we can effect when we unite for a common cause. The impact of these efforts extends far beyond the physical donations; they embody the spirit of caring and support that defines HomeAid's mission. Together, we are building not just homes, but also hope and brighter futures for those facing or at risk of homelessness," said Scott Larson, CEO, HomeAid America.

The following are the totals of the 2023 spring/summer essentials campaigns from 11 HomeAid affiliates:

HomeAid Atlanta — 198,485

HomeAid Austin — 217,057

HomeAid Colorado — 2,472,614

HomeAid Inland Empire — 71,222

HomeAid National Capital Region — 283,531

HomeAid Northern California — 34,604

HomeAid Orange County — 1,519,520

HomeAid Orlando — 360,000

HomeAid Phoenix — 8,400

HomeAid Southern Nevada — 122,155

HomeAid Utah — 807,869

Media Contact: Monique Waddington, Director of Communications and Donor Relations ([email protected])


Founded in 1989, HomeAid develops, builds, and preserves a variety of housing, including emergency, interim, transitional, permanent supportive, and affordable housing through its 19 chapters in 13 states. In addition, this includes resource/navigation centers that provide support services to those experiencing or at risk of homelessness. HomeAid partners with hundreds of nonprofit organizations nationwide that provide the housing and support services that help residents move toward self-sufficiency, such as education and job-skills training, financial counseling, physical and emotional support, and much more.

HomeAid has completed 1,183 housing and outreach projects with a value of more than $340 million. HomeAid has added over 13,445 beds that have served over 701,668 previously homeless individuals. For more information, visit

Contact Information:
Monique Waddington
Director of Communications & Donor Relations
[email protected]

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