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Introducing Fox & Muse: Integrating Dating, Security, and Luxury

Introducing Fox & Muse: Integrating Dating, Security, and Luxury

AUSTIN, Texas - September 8, 2022 - (

On the heels of Tinder Swindler, it's a commonly-known fact that the dating space is saturated with the likes of fakes, scammers, catfish, and criminals. Fox & Muse, a new dating website founded in the startup mecca of Silicon Hills, is poised to change the dating game altogether by not only addressing common security concerns in the modern digital world but also integrating a phenomenal luxury loyalty program. 

Safety and accuracy are paramount objectives for the company. As a prerequisite, all romance seekers are required to self-verify themselves with a government ID, and all men must successfully complete a national criminal background check, all seamlessly and securely done through the website. After verification, singles are then able to subscribe on a month-to-month basis to match and message others on the site for dates, with no long-term subscription commitments.

Most impressively, the true brand differentiator for Fox & Muse is its loyalty program that leverages the reputation and status of its parent company, Tragic Kiss, known for its exquisite luxury lingerie made from the finest of European fabrics. Singles on the site earn points from their subscriptions and boosts, which can then be used towards free luxury lingerie. Men even have the ability to gift their earned points to women on the site. With this type of collaborative energy between these two companies, the stage is set for some fun singles events, sexy fashion shows, and amazing product and travel giveaways.

The key points of the new Fox & Muse dating website that aims to offer real connections, safe dating, and loyalty rewards include:

  • All profiles are ID-verified.
  • All men are criminally background-checked at the national level.
  • Loyalty program that allows subscribers to earn/gift points towards luxury lingerie.
  • For a limited time, all women receive a free lingerie gift for subscribing to Fox & Muse.
  • PROMO code 6LAUNCH90 to receive 90% off for the first six months ($0.50/mo).

"We're really trying to address the most flagrant security issues that all other dating sites refuse to acknowledge, as well as provide an amazing experience and benefit through our loyalty program," said Zia, founder and creative force behind Tragic Kiss and Fox & Muse. "Plus, who doesn't love luxury lingerie? We're just getting started at Fox & Muse. This will become an omnipresent lifestyle brand." 

Considering the benefits of the security measures and the luxury loyalty program, the monthly subscription on Fox & Muse is priced extremely competitively compared to other dating sites at just $5.00 per month. In the interest of building critical mass, the company is currently advertising promo code: 6LAUNCH90, providing 90% off of monthly subscriptions for six months, resulting in just $0.50/mo. For a limited time, women also receive a free lingerie gift upon subscribing. 

Anyone interested in dating on a more secure platform with luxury benefits can sign up at:


For more information, contact: [email protected].

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