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KlimaDAO Launches Carbon Dashboard to Bring Unprecedented Data Transparency to the Voluntary Carbon Market

KlimaDAO Launches Carbon Dashboard to Bring Unprecedented Data Transparency to the Voluntary Carbon Market

The on-chain carbon market has been developed on the public Polygon blockchain, meaning all market data can be read by market participants. Klima Data aggregates this data and makes it accessible to the market.

SAN FRANCISCO - October 12, 2022 - (

KlimaDAO, the leading provider of tokenized carbon credits, has today announced the launch of the Klima Data Carbon Dashboard. The dashboard gives users of tokenized carbon an immediate insight into the state of the on-chain carbon market. It includes information on the type and amount of carbon credits available, the pool prices of carbon credits, and other key market data. A walkthrough video has also been released. 

KlimaDAO is built on the public Polygon blockchain. A public blockchain is one where anyone is free to join and participate in the core activities of the blockchain network. Anyone can read, write, and audit the ongoing activities. This means that the activity taking place within the on-chain market developed on Polygon can be made transparent for all market stakeholders. 

Unlocking transparency and growth

One of the major criticisms of the Voluntary Carbon Market is that the poor data availability makes it difficult for buyers of carbon credits to make informed decisions about the type and quality of carbon credits they purchase and the price they should pay. With an emerging carbon market built on public blockchain technologies, key market data can be immediately revealed to the market, in turn helping the Voluntary Carbon Market overcome criticisms around its poor transparency and begin to scale-up more efficiently.

This transparency-first approach of public blockchains is a significant innovation for the market, given that historically market data has typically been paywalled and retrospective. It no longer needs to be challenging for the consumers of carbon credits to make informed decisions around their market activities.  

Sy Zygy, Product Lead at KlimaDAO, says, "The Klima Data Carbon Dashboard represents a first, not only for the tokenized carbon market but the carbon market as a whole. For the first time ever, total carbon credit activity captured on the blockchain is made available through a set of informative dashboards viewable by anyone. We expect our carbon analytics to serve as a real-time 'State of Tokenized Carbon' report that can be referenced by industry participants, researchers, the press, and the general public. We're excited by the unparalleled transparency that blockchain technology enables in the Voluntary Carbon Market."

About KlimaDAO
KlimaDAO is an on-chain scaling solution for the Voluntary Carbon Market. KlimaDAO aims to open up the market to greater transparency and efficiency by combining tokenized carbon credits with a blockchain-enabled technology stack. If you are a business looking to offset your carbon footprint, get started here

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