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Lorrie Rutledge for Congress-The Solution and Model for MI District 13

Lorrie Rutledge for Congress-The Solution and Model for MI District 13

Lorrie Rutledge for Congress-The Solution and Model for MI District 13Lorrie Rutledge for Congress-The Solution and Model for MI District 13

A vote for Lorrie Rutledge is a vote for you

Of the 9 candidates competing for Michigan District 13 Lorrie Rutledge has the most all-inclusive plan to improve the lives of District 13 citizens

A healthy family can contribute to its community.
A healthy community can thrive for future generations.
A healthy nation can sustain throughout the ages.”

— Lorrie Rutledge

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Lorrie Rutledge for Congress – The District 13 Solution and Model Wayne County MI, July 26, 2022, Of the nine candidates competing for District 13 Democrat Lorrie Rutledge has the most extensive plan to improve lives in 13.

As a candidate for The US House of Representatives, Lorrie Rutledge has outlined her plan for a District 13 recovery. This solution will first address the current health crisis: Wayne County has ranked last in Michigan for overall health for 9 out of the last 10 years ( Secondly, it will address District 13’s decades old blight and squalor. And finally, her plan will focus on eradicating food deserts while creating new job markets throughout her district.

She proposes the implementation of a domestic/regional version of the Marshall Plan (aka European Recovery Program), which was financed by the US under President Truman after WW2. This plan resulted in Western European countries fully recovering from WWII devastation and returning to prewar economic viability within 4 years. The Marshall Plan stimulated a Western-European resurgence through strategic community investment that established strong markets for American goods.

Such a targeted domestic program in Wayne County could eventually serve as a template/model for struggling regions around the United States. Lorrie’s regional plan has many levels of details that she has shared with voters in her district.

Lorrie attended Detroit Public Schools from kindergarten to her graduation from Cass Technical High School, where she first began her studies in business administration. She is a recent graduate of Henry Ford Community College, where she earned her Associate in Business Administration. Lorrie is the mother of two adult sons from her marriage to her high school sweetheart Mark Rutledge.

Lorrie’s wonderful career opportunities in the workforce actually began when she was selected at Cass Technical High School to participate as a Co-op student at Detroit Edison in their Administrative & Technical Systems Department. Shortly after graduating high-school, she started a career at Detroit Edison in Steam Engineering and Power generation and earned a High Pressure Boiler Operator License, Third Class Stationary Engineer License, and Journeyman’s card as an AA Substation Operator.

These union job opportunities occurred during a time when very few women held these high paying skilled trade jobs. These positions gave her the understanding of the importance of skilled labor opportunities and taught her the value of Unionized Labor and Bargaining. It also helped shape her understanding of the importance of seeking balance in the workplace.

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Lorrie Rutledge has a solution for what ails Michigan District 13

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