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Maximize Your Employee Benefits With These Three Tips

Maximize Your Employee Benefits With These Three Tips

iQuanti: While most professionals may change jobs for better salaries and professional growth opportunities, a job transition can also bring a new benefits package. Professionals are sometimes so focused on the salary and role that they may miss out opportunities to get the best of the benefits being offered to them. It's important to take the time to evaluate the options provided - even more so if you haven't yet taken the job or are considering multiple job offers. Here are some tips that can help you maximize your employee benefits.

Find out what you're being offered

If you've already accepted the offer, this is an important step to take soon after you've joined the company. Review the full benefits package and get acquainted with exactly what's on the table. Some companies will offer a full breakdown of the benefits package during onboarding. If not, you can always reach out to someone from human resources and ask them to explain exactly what you're eligible for.

If you are weighing more than one offer, you may want to spend some time comparing the benefits packages and evaluating which one makes the most sense for you. Benefits packages may include health insurance, life insurance, retirement savings plans, flexible time off, and flexible working hours, among others. Different professionals may have varying priorities depending on their needs and lifestyle. 

Take advantage of employer matches

Most employers offer some type of tax-advantaged retirement savings plan, such as a 401(k). In some cases, your employer will match contributions up to a certain percentage or up to a dollar amount. If this option is available, it can be a good idea to make at least the minimum contribution required to secure the employer's matching contribution. For instance, if your annual salary is $40,000 and your employer will match contributions up to 4%, it makes sense for you to contribute $1,600 per year knowing that your account will receive another $1,600 from the company. 

Pay close attention to deadlines

Some employee benefits may come with different deadlines. In addition to open enrollment — where you must elect benefits within a set period or risk having to wait a year before you can enroll again - some benefits are elected outside of this period. This is sometimes true for reimbursements. Some companies offer reimbursements for gym memberships, upskilling or even meals and entertainment. Employees may need to submit bills by a certain date to be eligible for reimbursement. If you're not sure how this works, it can help to read any documents detailing the benefits policy closely or ask human resources about deadlines. 

Good benefits make for happy employees, but this is only true if you make use of the benefits offered. It's worth taking the time to explore the benefits package you're getting from your company and take advantage of the company's investment in you. 

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