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Remote Sensing Expert Dave Koger to be Featured on Close Up Radio

Remote Sensing Expert Dave Koger to be Featured on Close Up Radio

Remote Sensing Expert Dave Koger to be Featured on Close Up Radio

FORT WORTH, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, July 26, 2022 / — When Dave Koger was studying for his Bachelor of Science, he became one of the first to research, develop and train others on remote sensing technologies—which include imaging satellites, aerial photography, drones and more. Collaborating with new users and teaching at university helped him find his true calling and it wasn’t long before he hung out, as he says, his consultant shingle.

Dave now has 42 years of experience designing and installing image analysis systems, training users, and conducting analyses of photos and image data. He has achieved a name for himself in government, academic and defense circles, and also supported various corporate clients—engaged in oil, helium, and mineral exploration; insurance/damage claims; agriculture, and more. Dave has also worked with explorers and broadcast journalists on a number of exciting discovery activities, such as where The Titanic went down, how the “picture” came to be imprinted on The Shroud of Turin, and where landslides are endangering what lies below. Dave also worked on the many detours taken by the Santa Fe Trail in Kansas and Oklahoma.

“I look at the earth with imaging technology, like satellites and aerial photography. LANDSAT data are distributed by the US Geological Survey team, and SENTINEL data comes from the European Space Agency. My clients all need the same thing: information.”

That is how Dave explained a recent focus of his consulting work, expert witness. Wildfires damage crops, buildings, fences, equipment, and habitat…and literally scorch the soils. Where the wildfires started was critical information for several Central Texas ranchers, where wildfires had been costing them dearly year-after-year. In another case, an oil operator didn’t want to clean up after himself, so Dave gathered proof of damages and pollution on the land and nearby lake. On a different case, he determined the factors—some natural, some from human activity—that led to a mansion falling into a lake.

Dave Koger grew up in Kansas and lives in Texas now. He has analyzed image data for many organizations and businesses, both domestic and overseas. When you have data-gathering technology like drones, planes, and satellites “looking out for you,” there isn’t much you can’t see, or a place you can’t easily visit.

Dave says that his work as a systems trainer taught him valuable lessons about sharing techniques and learning from colleagues. He looks forward to sharing his knowledge and discoveries with others in his July talk radio appearance.

Close Up Radio will feature Remote Sensing Expert Dave Koger on Thursday, July 28th at 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time in an interview with Jim Masters

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