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Sinceri Senior Living Partners With LifeVac

Sinceri Senior Living Partners With LifeVac

Today, in honor of National Choking Awareness Day, Sinceri Senior Living announced its partnership with LifeVac, a company that provides lifesaving choking devices. 

"At Sinceri Senior Living, we partner with companies that create value for our residents, families, and shareholders," stated Kayla Wersal, Vice President of Programming for Sinceri Senior Living. "This is why we chose to partner with LifeVac, a non-invasive choking assistance device. As a leader in senior care and Alzheimer's, we realize how important it is to put the correct tools in the hands of our staff that will help keep our residents safe."

The LifeVac device offers a safe and effective way to save people from choking when other methods fail or cannot be performed. Wersal stated that Sinceri rolled out the partnership in February and encouraged each community to order the lifesaving device. LifeVac worked with Sinceri training its staff and making sure the orders were shipped to each of its locations.

"Since our partnership started, I am excited to announce that we have already saved two lives using LifeVac during choking incidents. We look forward to strengthening our partnership and continue saving lives." 

Founded in 2010, LifeVac is the only portable, non-invasive airway clearance device registered and fully regulated by the FDA as a Class II suction device. LifeVac uses a one-way valve system, which means that when applied, air vents outside of the unit and not into the person who is choking. The rescue device uses a short burst of suction, with minimal air volume, to mimic a forceful cough. When the handle of the plunger is pushed down, air escapes through the vents; when the plunger handle is pulled back, negative pressure is generated, and it suctions out the lodged material. LifeVac's Airway Clearance Device is essential for seniors in wheelchairs, as standard choking protocols cannot be performed. 

"It's so important for LifeVac to be available to take care of those that have taken care of us. The elderly are at a higher risk of choking and may not have an option in a choking emergency," stated Arthur Lih, the inventor of LifeVac. The two companies are looking forward to serving the seniors at Sinceri Senior Living and continuing to give them the excellent care they deserve. 

About Sinceri Senior Living:

Sinceri Senior Living is a premier senior living management company that provides service to seniors in 21 states, serving approximately 3,800 seniors across the U.S. Sinceri Senior Living manages all levels of care, including independent living, assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing communities. From the legacy of its first dedicated memory care community more than 35 years ago, Sinceri Senior Living has built a reputation for expertly managing senior living properties, including owned and managed facilities, with highly sought personalized care and exceptional, unique programming for residents and their families. 

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