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Tips for Comparing Emergency Loans

Tips for Comparing Emergency Loans

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iQuanti: Emergencies happen every day. From an injury to an unexpected repair, no one is immune from an emergency expense arising from time to time. Ideally, an emergency fund can help to cover these expenses, but there are other options when you don't have the cash available. One of those options in a time of need is an emergency loan. Here's what you should know about emergency loans, including how to find the right one for your financial needs.  

How do emergency loans work? 

An emergency loan is a loan that is commonly used by individuals who need unexpected funds quickly. While there is no single scenario where an emergency loan is necessary, it is designed to provide immediate relief on a short-term basis. Because of this, emergency loans are known to have higher interest rates and associated fees with the expectation that they're paid back relatively quickly.  

Picking the right emergency loan 

Many lenders offer emergency loans in one form or another. A few key characteristics can help you to compare your options to understand which is the right choice for you: 

Repayment terms 

Some emergency loans will require you to repay the loan more quickly, while others may allow you to pay off the loan over time. For instance, your repayment for a cash advance is typically due in two to four weeks. Meanwhile, an installment loan provides a larger sum of money that you'll pay back over several months or years. Before settling on a loan, consider how much time you'll reasonably need to repay the borrowed amount. 

Interest rates and fees 

One of the greatest deciding factors when it comes to choosing an emergency loan is the interest rates and fees. Some lenders charge higher fees and interest on borrowing amounts, depending on the loan type. Comparing loans will be easier if you can directly look at the costs associated with borrowing from different lenders.  

How fast you need the cash 

Different types of emergency loans present varying borrowing timelines. When you need cash within a matter of hours versus a few days, the decision on which emergency loan you choose makes a difference. Some personal loans may take a few days for approval and a couple more for funding. On the other hand, a same-day loan can get you the funds you need within a matter of hours.  

The bottom line 

With so many emergency loan options out there, taking the time to consider which option is right for you can save you a headache in the end. By weighing the features of each, from the cost to borrow to the repayment terms, you can ensure that you'll get the funds you need without the hassle of choosing the wrong loan.  

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