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Travel Industry Urged to Prove Commitment to Sustainability

Travel Industry Urged to Prove Commitment to Sustainability

As sustainability becomes an increasing concern for consumers, the travel industry must stop greenwashing and address the issue with a commitment to concrete actions.

Travel Industry Urged to Prove Commitment to Sustainability
Inspiring Vacations

Inspiring Vacations

MELBOURNE, Australia - November 9, 2022 - (

According to Australian-owned travel company, Inspiring Vacations, who offers experiences around the world from Egypt tours to tours of Cape York, travel and tourism can provide huge benefits for communities, particularly when managed sustainably.

As consumers grow increasingly concerned about the negative impact caused by the sector, Inspiring Vacations says it has influenced purchasing decisions as travellers look for providers that offer sustainable or environmentally-friendly options.

Awareness has increased around the emissions from air travel, the social harm caused by over-tourism and the environmental destruction caused by the development of tourist infrastructure. Inspiring Vacations says in response, many travel brands are moving to confront the issue and a growing niche industry is emerging that prioritises sustainability.

Intrepid Travel is one of the first carbon-neutral tour operators and has recently removed short haul flights from its top 50 itineraries, replacing them with alternatives such as bus and train travel. Recently, the company urged delegates at the Abta travel convention in Morocco to take industry action now.

Passionate about travel and making the booking experience as easy as possible for customers, Inspiring Vacations has partnered with the best tour operators in the industry, including Intrepid, to offer the very best tours possible, while encouraging customers to make responsible travel choices.

Working to maximise the benefits created by tourism, Inspiring Vacations works in partnership with a worldwide network of local travel experts. Aiming to provide exceptional travel experiences worldwide from the best guided tours Egypt wide to Cape York tours and everywhere in between, the travel operator encourages travellers to support communities and preserve nature while travelling.

With consumers more concerned about sustainability than ever, the travel industry needs to consider how it can improve customer experiences and make sure it is demonstrating how it is making an impact to address concerns. 

To discover sustainable travel options including tours to Egypt and tours to Cape York, contact Inspiring Vacations.

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