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Trimera Health Offers Medical Marijuana to Treat Patients With PTSD

Trimera Health Offers Medical Marijuana to Treat Patients With PTSD

HOUSTON - January 5, 2023 - (

Trimera Health is offering psychiatric treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) patients using marijuana, or cannabis, and building an uplifting image of medical marijuana treatment in Texas. Dr. Rebecca Maxwell is an integrative psychiatrist offering holistic and innovative approaches to treating PTSD and other mental health issues. As the founder of Trimera Health, Dr. Maxwell is advancing the treatments for psychiatric disorders and now administers medical marijuana to patients who have PTSD.

The Texas Compassionate Use (TCUP) Act was enacted in 2015, granting Texans the first legal use of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) marijuana products, solely in edible form, for patients with intractable epilepsy. Since then, the act has expanded its list of eligible patients to those with autism, cancer, and seizure disorders. In recent years, medical marijuana has played a critical role in treating PTSD since TCUP's enactment. 

"Medical cannabis may benefit patients with PTSD by alleviating the common symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, and nightmares," Dr. Rebecca Maxwell reports, "My patients have been wary of 'pot docs,' who spend five minutes with you and do not offer a follow-up treatment plan. That's not practicing medicine. Many of them are not prescribing within their specialty. PTSD and mental health disorders should be treated by a psychiatric physician."

Trimera Health strives to provide quality psychiatric care beyond that of the average medical cannabis physician. The practice offers a range of treatment options for all psychiatric disorders and continues developing new approaches to mental health care in the evolving medical world. Dr. Maxwell said, "We give an individualized, truly medical approach to cannabis by spending at least half an hour with patients during initial assessments." 

The attitudes towards medical cannabis have positively changed since the TCUP's enactment, with seven out of 10 Texans expressing their support for medical cannabis. 

"The patient's cannabis is grown right here in Texas and is regulated under strict quality controls," said Michael James, Trimera Health's director of medical cannabis operations, "It's a great thing to finally offer this treatment modality to Texans after a majority of the country has been utilizing medical cannabis for over a decade." 

Trimera Health is a psychiatric medical practice offering mental health services, in addition to alternative treatment modalities, like medical cannabis for PTSD and insurance-covered esketamine therapy for treatment-resistant depression. Since the launch of its medical marijuana program in November 2022, Trimera Health is excited to foster its growth with its patients in 2023. Dr. Maxwell said, "The general response from patients has been positive in relation to reduction in symptoms." 

Trimera Health's practice widens its services statewide, including its administration of medical cannabis, to patients beyond in-person visits via telehealth, focusing on Greater Houston and the southern suburbs. Trimera Health aspires to serve its patients the right way and address the whole person—mind, body, and spirit—to achieve complete wellness. 

For more information about Trimera Health's practices, please call 281-968-8853, or visit our website.

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