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TT US-Based Gospel Singer Authors Experience-Based Advice on Anxiety Issues

TT US-Based Gospel Singer Authors Experience-Based Advice on Anxiety Issues

MIRAMAR, Fla. - October 13, 2022 - (

Highly acclaimed U.S.-based Trinidad and Tobago born Gospel singer Royanne Mitchell has expanded her frontiers. Mitchell has now added the title of author to her range of multidimensional creative and gifted talents and the development of her book launch is underway. 

The book specifically aims to assist individuals in overcoming anxiety issues: mental conditions plaguing humanity exponentially worldwide. This problem is engaging the attention of psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers who come together to gain a clearer understanding of the root causes and unique intricacies and to provide the most appropriate remedial advice to those who are challenged by the experiences and idiosyncrasies that accompany the condition.

Mitchell's book "Breaking Through" is birthed from a place where life demands so much more from us, causing us to develop compulsive tendencies, striving relentlessly to keep up with the myriad levels of responsibility and accountability imposed upon us to make things work. As a consequence, the pressures of modern living affect us to the point of our becoming extraordinarily overwhelmed and subjected to episodes of anxiety amidst life's inescapable and increasing twists and turns.  

In her book, Mitchell cites a multitude of situations where stress affects us all so differently and creeps up upon us subconsciously to the point where it eventually pierces the barriers of resistance even among those with the most enduring and stubborn levels of physiological and mental tolerance. 

Readers of Breaking Through will benefit from Mitchell's own experiences, gain a better understanding of how chronic anxiety and fear really operates, how she dealt with the condition along the way and continues to do so in order to stay firmly grounded. She does not compromise the fact that the experience was undoubtedly challenging, and gives an account of how she was able to overcome the most challenging season of it by God's grace and maintains the breakthrough, filled with confidence and assurance.

"Breaking Through: A Christian's Perspective on a Journey to Freedom from Anxiety and Fear" is now available in Kindle and paperback format via Amazon.

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