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Vanessa Correa of Correa Pearson and Associates to be Featured on Close Up Radio

Vanessa Correa of Correa Pearson and Associates to be Featured on Close Up Radio

Vanessa Correa of Correa Pearson and Associates to be Featured on Close Up RadioVanessa Correa of Correa Pearson and Associates to be Featured on Close Up Radio

CONROE, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, June 27, 2022 / — There comes a time when we need an accountant to make it through the dreaded tax season or help us to untangle our finances. We generally define an accountant as someone who helps prepare our tax forms by the filing deadline and hope we don’t owe any money. A new form of accounting service has emerged that not only provides on-time tax filings that maximize refunds and save money, but is also paving a path to entrepreneurial success, increased wealth, and sustainable growth.

Vanessa Correa is founder and CEO of Correa Pearson and Associates an accountant, tax strategist and and financial coach taking accounting to a whole new level of financial services.

“We are an accounting firm with a non-traditional, holistic approach towards financial literacy. What’s different about CP&A is they are not just an accounting firm that files taxes. They provide long term value by coaching and educating their clients year-round to teach them smarter ways of handling their money (both professionally and personally). This way they are much better prepared when the unexpected comes around and they don’t have to constantly stress and worry about their finances.”

CP&A takes a proactive approach to accounting, bringing ideas, questions, and value TO their clients, instead of being reactive and just answering questions the clients ask about. Often times business owners and individuals alike don’t know the right questions to ask, CP&A feels it is their responsibility to bring their knowledge, expertise, and experience in service of their clients.

Their goal is to ensure clients long term success by providing them with a financial clarity and confidence that will increase their revenue, lower their tax liability, increase their profits, and enhance their futures.

During a college internship at an accounting firm, Vanessa noticed how little CPAs seemed to focus on the value being provided to their clients with regard to guidance in their overall financial goals.

“They just seemed more interested in generating billable hours and putting numbers in the right boxes” states Vanessa .”I wanted to make an actual difference in people’s lives and help them break free from being a slave to their money, instead, money should be a lever, pulled and pushed in the right ways, at the right times.”

While helping friends do their taxes with Turbo Tax, she noticed that none of the DIY programs automatically triggered all the deductions and credits that individual taxpayers were eligible for. To make matters worse, there is just too much legal jargon making it seem impossible for the average person to properly complete their tax filings without overpaying. She figured there had to be a better way of providing more value to individuals and business owners when doing their taxes. She realized that by educating people around their finances, putting plans in place to capitalize on legal tax loopholes, and providing guidance throughout the year that clients had a much higher likelihood of paying the least amount of tax possible. She now had a clear vision that would ultimately lead her to starting her own, wildly successful, tax and accounting firm CP&A.

Vanessa’s goal through her company is to ultimately help individuals and entrepreneurs achieve financial abundance and to help them create the freedom needed to grow their business and live a life of wealth and success. She is enthusiastic about a new generation of business owners and freelancers starting out in the new workforce but also cautions those new business owners who may want to manage their own finances.

“So many people want to do their own taxes. They see it as a necessary evil. That’s the tax process. For us it starts the day they open their business.”

Vanessa encourages us to invest wisely from the start in our financial future by seeking out firms like hers that will not just file taxes, but help navigate them through the many pitfalls that failing businesses succumb to in the end.

“There is so much info out there and tax professionals are really the ones who are the best prepared in helping you make plans around your money.”

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