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Why You Should Pay for Your Wedding With a Credit Card in 2023

Why You Should Pay for Your Wedding With a Credit Card in 2023

Credello: If you plan on getting married in 2023, you're probably excited about that. You know that weddings can get pricey, though, and perhaps you're unsure about the best method of paying for this significant expense.

Maybe you're thinking about using a credit card to finance a wedding ring. Perhaps you're also going to use the card for the venue, the cake, the catering, and so forth. Many individuals getting married this year can see some significant benefits when they do that. We will talk about some of those right now. 

Credit Card Points

When you get certain credit cards, they'll come with introductory offers. You might sign up for one that gives you double points during the first six months you have that card or even the first year. This incentivizes you to spend more.

If you open a credit card account before your wedding, and you use that card for many of the expenses, you can rack up a ton of points that way. You can then put those points toward anything you need as you start your new life with your spouse, such as some new appliances.

Travel Rewards

You might also use a credit card to pay for your wedding expenses because you plan on taking your honeymoon right after, and you can use the points you built up for travel perks. If you're flying to Bermuda for a couple of blissful weeks with your new spouse, you can fly first class with some of your points. You might also upgrade your standard hotel room to a luxury suite.

Take Advantage of No-Interest Introductory Offers

Say that you open a new credit card account right before your wedding, and you get one with no interest on purchases made during the first six months or a year. You can put many wedding-related expenses on there, like paying for the venue, the DJ, the caterer, and the wedding cake.

Then, you don't have to worry about accumulating interest on what you charged to that card during the introductory period. You have six months or a year to pay everything off. That takes a lot of financial pressure off of you during that time.

If you do this, you also avoid paying the interest that you would if you got a loan through a bank or credit union to pay for the wedding expenses instead. If you did that, you would have to submit to a hard credit pull before the lending entity granted you the loan. A credit card is a much more attractive prospect.

Credit Cards for Wedding Expenses Make Sense

Individuals who use credit cards to pay for their weddings in 2023 have very compelling reasons for doing so. If you get a card with an introductory zero percent interest rate for the first six months or a year, you have that entire time to pay off your wedding expenses. You won't have to pay the interest rates you would if you got a personal loan from a credit union or bank.

You will also accumulate a lot of credit card points. You can cash those in and buy some appliances or other necessities that you and your spouse will need as you start your married life together. 

You can also get a credit card that gives you travel rewards. The wedding expenses you pay for with the card will translate to a ton of points you can use on your honeymoon. You can upgrade your flight, your hotel room, and anything else you feel is appropriate. 

You must always be responsible with your credit card spending, but your wedding is one time where using one for most or all of the purchases makes sense. Make sure to pay off the debt on your card when the payment period concludes, so you do not have to pay interest on your wedding-related expenditures.  

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