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Now There’s an AI GPT Chatbot Without Censorship: Introducing

FreedomGPT is an LLM-based AI Chatbot that will answer any question without bias. Most importantly, has created a version that can run locally on the computer that’s 100% private without requiring an internet connection. Additionally, an Open Source version of FreedomGPT will be released soon that will allow individuals and companies to fully customize FreedomGPT to help with specific high-stakes and confidential workflows.

Now There’s an AI GPT Chatbot Without Censorship: Introducing
ChatGPT vs. FreedomGPT

In the top image, ChatGPT refuses to read a website. In the bottom image, FreedomGPT reads the requested site.

Today, Age Of AI, LLC is releasing a public beta of, a new AI Chatbot dedicated to neutrality, privacy, and customization. Launched as an alternative to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, FreedomGPT aims to be censor-free and willing to answer questions without partiality. This technology will empower users to explore the breadth of conversational AI freely and securely while uncovering new use cases. Most importantly, FreedomGPT’s work is being open-sourced so the developer community can help advance AI in a more iterative and transparent fashion. 

FreedomGPT 1.0 is designed to facilitate open and unbiased communication, ensuring that users can explore a wide range of ideas and perspectives without limitations. Unlike other AI language models, FreedomGPT reduces the risk of censorship while promoting the positive exchange of thoughts and ideas in their purest form. Soon healthcare, law firms, and all other enterprises working with highly sensitive data will be able to benefit from a bespoke conversational AI running siloed on their private cloud or corporate intranet. 

Key features of FreedomGPT include:

Private Censorship-Free AI: FreedomGPT currently leverages an open-source seven billion parameter large language model that’s extremely fine-tuned to provide extraordinary response ability despite the relatively smaller model compared to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. FreedomGPT does not add censorship after the fact; however, the LLM model itself is largely derived from a subset of the text on the internet and responses will therefore reflect this.

Local Execution: FreedomGPT can run on any computer, giving users the flexibility to access powerful AI technology without the need for internet connectivity or reliance on third-party servers. Users installing the local client will have near-instantaneous responses that don’t leave their computer.

FreedomGPT’s approach to AI language models has the potential to transform industries such as journalism, content creation, and customer service. Additionally, users of FreedomGPT can copy/paste web URLs so that it can interact with real-time information on the web unlike ChatGPT. 

John Arrow, a General Partner of Age Of AI, LLC, states, “FreedomGPT is designed to champion the values of free speech and privacy in the realm of AI language models. We believe that by offering a censorship-free and secure AI experience, we are empowering individuals and organizations to harness the true potential of AI technology while also advancing AI safety through transparency.”

Age Of AI is inviting journalists, researchers/developers, and AI enthusiasts to explore the capabilities of FreedomGPT’s beta and share their thoughts. To learn more about FreedomGPT or try it out, please visit or reach out to [email protected]

About Age Of AI, LLC:

Age Of AI is an AI Venture firm run by entrepreneurs who have experience building, deploying, and scaling thousand of emerging technology products for Fortune 1000 companies and startups alike. We are actively looking for new AI founders to invest in. Please reach out to [email protected] for more information.

Contact Information:

John Arrow

General Partner

[email protected]


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Now There’s an AI GPT Chatbot Without Censorship: Introducing

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Prominent Pastors Partner to Expand on the Details of the Week Leading Up to Christ’s Death and Resurrection Launches Exclusive ‘Passion Week’ Podcast Designed to Prepare Hearts for Easter
Passion Week content logo’s Passion Week podcast logo, the No. 1 app for prayer and faith-based audio and video streaming content, announced today the release of “Passion Week,” a dynamic, eight-episode focused on the events of easter. Exploring in-depth Christ’s heroic path from the streets of Jerusalem to the grave, “Passion Week” follows His passionate journey to redeem, restore and renew.

Listeners can expect to: 

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the significance of each day of Holy Week 
  • Experience what it’s like to walk with Jesus during the last week of His life 
  • Love the Lord and know of His love even more through this journey

“This powerful, new audio series truly encapsulates the heart of our mission,” said Max Bard, VP of Content at “Each engaging episode shares intimate details of Holy Week, from the dark halls of the temple, where whispers of conspiracy condemn God Himself to death, to the brutal march up the hill of Calvary, where salvation was fought for us on the cross. Finally, we behold light bursting forth from a dark, cold grave on Easter Sunday. From Sunday to Sunday, this is the destination for Easter encouragement and a deeper understanding of what Jesus did for us.”

The new series is exclusively available on the platform. 

Highly sought-after voice actors Sylvia Zaradic and Todd Haberkorn share their talents, joined by partners in ministry, who will each narrate an episode:

  • Jim Graff, Faith Family Church 
  • Beth Jones, The Basics with Beth 
  • Kristiann Wargo, Create Your Now 
  • And many others 

For more information or to access the “Passion Week” eight-episode audio-cast, visit, where content is scheduled to go live April 1.

Founded in 2016 with a mission to grow faith and cultivate community, is the world’s No. 1 app for daily prayer and Bible based audio content. Reaching more than 10 million people world-wide through its mobile app and website, it is the easiest way to incorporate prayer into your daily life. provides encouragement and inspiration through daily devotionals, Pastor podcasts, and Bedtime Bible Stories. founders are Steve Gatena, Mike Lynn, Ryan Beck and Matthew Potter. See for more information.

Contact Information:

Melany Ethridge

[email protected]

(214) 912-8934

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New Report Offers Most Comprehensive Look to Date at LGBTQI+ People’s Financial Lives

The LGBTQI+ Economic and Financial (LEAF) Survey: Understanding the Financial Lives of LGBTQI+ People in the United States, released today, shines new light on the financial experiences and issues faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex (LGBTQI+) people in the U.S. The report fills in critical gaps left by many federal and financial industry surveys that fail to include LGBTQI+ demographics. The report is authored by the Center for LGBTQ Economic Advancement & Research (CLEAR) and the Movement Advancement Project (MAP). 

The independent survey and report were made possible with sponsorship and support from Visa and Daylight. Visa and Daylight are committed to working with underrepresented communities and helping provide financial tools to those historically underserved by the financial industry.

The report analyzes results from a survey of 2,505 LGBTQI+ and 503 non-LGBTQI+ adults, conducted December 2022-January 2023. Respondents were asked about their financial well-being, priorities and concerns, experiences with exclusion and discrimination, and costs associated with family formation, gender-affirming health care, or legally changing their name or gender marker.

Some key findings include:

  • LGBTQI+ people reported losing the ability to rely financially on their families after coming out. While 73% of LGBTQI+ respondents said they could rely financially on their family before telling them about their sexual orientation, only 62% could do so after coming out. The gap was even greater for transgender respondents.
  • Over half (53%) of all LGBTQI+ respondents had taken out a federal student loan to finance their education, versus 31% of non-LGBTQI+ respondents. Among borrowers, only 23% of LGBTQI+ borrowers had paid off their loans versus 39% of non-LGBTQI+ borrowers.
  • Four in 10 parents (40%) reported having some out-of-pocket legal costs related to family formation. Additionally, 43% of LGBTQI+ parents had spent $1,000+ on out-of-pocket healthcare costs for family formation; nearly a third (32%) had spent $5,000+.
  • Most respondents who received gender-affirming care (82%) reported spending some money out-of-pocket. Nearly half (46%) of people who had received gender-affirming care spent $5,000+ out-of-pocket; one-third (33%) had spent at least $10,000 out-of-pocket.
  • LGBTQI+ people were more likely to report negative feelings about their finances than positive ones.  Roughly twice as many LGBTQI+ respondents as non-LGBTQI+ respondents reported feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and depressed about their finances.
  • One in 10 LGBTQI+ respondents (11%) said they had experienced discrimination in banking or financial services.

“The LEAF report reveals the immense financial pressure many LGBTQI+ people in the U.S. are living under — particularly transgender people and queer people of color. The findings illustrate the urgent need for improvements in the financial industry and in state and federal policies to support the economic needs of LGBTQI+ people and communities who are struggling financially,” said Spencer Watson, Executive Director at CLEAR.

“These new findings show the wide-ranging economic impacts of discrimination on LGBTQI+ people. This underscores the urgent need for strong and decisive efforts to counteract this financial toll and other harms. Especially given the escalating political attacks on LGBTQI+ and especially transgender people, federal protections against discrimination are essential,” said Logan Casey, Senior Policy Researcher and Advisor at MAP.

“Together with organizations like CLEAR, MAP, and Daylight, we’re able to build and advocate for more inclusive financial systems for the LGBTQI+ community around the world,” said Erin Pursell, Vice President of Fintech Business Development, Visa.

The report is available at

CLEAR is a nonprofit that creates research, education, and advocacy to support the financial needs of LGBTQ people, organizations, and communities and to help them achieve their unique economic goals.

MAP is an independent think tank that provides rigorous research, insight, and analysis that help speed equality for all, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people.

Daylight is the first and only digital banking platform for the LGBTQ+ community, creating the U.S.’s first trans-inclusive debit account in 2021. Learn about Daylight’s latest family-building products at

Visa Inc. is a world leader in digital payments, facilitating payments transactions between consumers, merchants, financial institutions and government entities across more than 200 countries and territories. 

Contact Information:

Rebecca Farmer

Communications Director, Movement Advancement Project

[email protected]

303-578-4600 ext 122

Spencer Watson

Executive Director, Center for LGBTQ Economic Advancement & Research

[email protected]


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New Report Offers Most Comprehensive Look to Date at LGBTQI+ People’s Financial Lives

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The Century to Host Modesto’s First-Ever Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre

Local theatre group to star in “Death On The Cutting Room Floor”

The Century will host the premiere of “Death On The Cutting Room Floor”, Modesto’s first-ever murder mystery dinner event. Featuring the Mayhem Mystery Players, the production will be hosted for three nights in April and includes a three-course dinner.

Set in the glamorous 1950s, guests will be transported onto a set with Roxanne, everyone’s favorite movie star, whose newest relationship scandal is causing drama both on and off the big screen. To add to the fun, attendees are encouraged (but not required) to dress in their favorite 1950s-inspired red-carpet fashions as they attempt to solve the murder before dessert. 

The dinner will include The Century’s house salad, a choice of entrée (chicken with pistachio pesto or vegetarian), and a delicious vegetarian fruit cobbler for dessert. Both entrée options are gluten-free and can be chosen at the ticket check-out.

Guests have the opportunity to attend one of three showings: Thursday the 13th at 7 p.m., Friday the 14th at 7 p.m., or Sunday the 16th at 5:30 p.m. Tickets can be purchased on Eventbrite or under the events tab on The Century’s Facebook page

Contact Information:

Danica Hammack

Marketing Manager, The Century

[email protected]


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The Century to Host Modesto’s First-Ever Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre

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