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Now There’s an AI GPT Chatbot Without Censorship: Introducing

Now There’s an AI GPT Chatbot Without Censorship: Introducing

FreedomGPT is an LLM-based AI Chatbot that will answer any question without bias. Most importantly, has created a version that can run locally on the computer that's 100% private without requiring an internet connection. Additionally, an Open Source version of FreedomGPT will be released soon that will allow individuals and companies to fully customize FreedomGPT to help with specific high-stakes and confidential workflows.

Now There’s an AI GPT Chatbot Without Censorship: Introducing
ChatGPT vs. FreedomGPT

In the top image, ChatGPT refuses to read a website. In the bottom image, FreedomGPT reads the requested site.

Today, Age Of AI, LLC is releasing a public beta of, a new AI Chatbot dedicated to neutrality, privacy, and customization. Launched as an alternative to OpenAI's ChatGPT, FreedomGPT aims to be censor-free and willing to answer questions without partiality. This technology will empower users to explore the breadth of conversational AI freely and securely while uncovering new use cases. Most importantly, FreedomGPT's work is being open-sourced so the developer community can help advance AI in a more iterative and transparent fashion. 

FreedomGPT 1.0 is designed to facilitate open and unbiased communication, ensuring that users can explore a wide range of ideas and perspectives without limitations. Unlike other AI language models, FreedomGPT reduces the risk of censorship while promoting the positive exchange of thoughts and ideas in their purest form. Soon healthcare, law firms, and all other enterprises working with highly sensitive data will be able to benefit from a bespoke conversational AI running siloed on their private cloud or corporate intranet. 

Key features of FreedomGPT include:

Private Censorship-Free AI: FreedomGPT currently leverages an open-source seven billion parameter large language model that's extremely fine-tuned to provide extraordinary response ability despite the relatively smaller model compared to OpenAI's ChatGPT. FreedomGPT does not add censorship after the fact; however, the LLM model itself is largely derived from a subset of the text on the internet and responses will therefore reflect this.

Local Execution: FreedomGPT can run on any computer, giving users the flexibility to access powerful AI technology without the need for internet connectivity or reliance on third-party servers. Users installing the local client will have near-instantaneous responses that don't leave their computer.

FreedomGPT's approach to AI language models has the potential to transform industries such as journalism, content creation, and customer service. Additionally, users of FreedomGPT can copy/paste web URLs so that it can interact with real-time information on the web unlike ChatGPT. 

John Arrow, a General Partner of Age Of AI, LLC, states, "FreedomGPT is designed to champion the values of free speech and privacy in the realm of AI language models. We believe that by offering a censorship-free and secure AI experience, we are empowering individuals and organizations to harness the true potential of AI technology while also advancing AI safety through transparency."

Age Of AI is inviting journalists, researchers/developers, and AI enthusiasts to explore the capabilities of FreedomGPT's beta and share their thoughts. To learn more about FreedomGPT or try it out, please visit or reach out to [email protected]

About Age Of AI, LLC:

Age Of AI is an AI Venture firm run by entrepreneurs who have experience building, deploying, and scaling thousand of emerging technology products for Fortune 1000 companies and startups alike. We are actively looking for new AI founders to invest in. Please reach out to [email protected] for more information.

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