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Vladimir Kush Unveiled His New Painting ‘Time Catcher’

Vladimir Kush Unveiled His New Painting ‘Time Catcher’

LAGUNA BEACH, Calif. - October 27, 2022 - (

During a live presentation by the artist at his gallery Kush Fine Art in the heart of downtown Laguna Beach, world-renowned artist Vladimir Kush took the stage for two days in a row to welcome his collectors and fans and unveiled his new painting "Time Catcher." 

Using as a reference a previous painting titled "Arrow of Time," the artist revealed the story and symbolism behind the Metaphorical Realism of this new painting: 

Running with a net after a butterfly is about chasing "fleeting time" this is essentially what the gentleman in the painting is doing.

We see how, as he races on, the net in his hand is billowing in the wind, filling up as if to confirm the fundamental principle of a businessman that "time is money." There is nothing in the world more valuable than time!

"Everything lost can be recovered, even money, the only thing lost forever is time wasted" — Murphy's Law for beginners.

The enterpriser's slogan "catch time and trap it in your checkbook" is reinforced by the "golden" moon of a clockface on Big Ben and its counterpart "sealing" the net. It is shortly after eight o'clock in the morning the time trading opens at the city's stock exchange.

The butterfly is chosen to represent time for a reason: Her life cycle starts from a chrysalis crawling in the dust to an Imago specimen with its fancy flight trajectory in the sky. It is an analogy of the journey of human life from its rat race on earth to soaring up into the far-away realms of cosmos.

Kush Fine Art gallery is open seven days a week in Laguna Beach, Maui, Las Vegas and Miami Beach. To see more of Kush's artworks, visit and shop his collection of paintings, limited-edition prints, bronze and silver sculptures, a unique jewelry line, and a wearable art collection featuring women handbags, clothing, and more.

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