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6 Low-Budget Ideas for Halloween 2022

6 Low-Budget Ideas for Halloween 2022

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iQuanti: Halloween is right around the corner, which means it's time to start planning for your big fall bash. Just because you're going big doesn't mean you need to go broke. There are plenty of options to keep your get-together low budget - all it requires is a touch of creativity and some savvy shopping. If you're looking for ideas for décor and Halloween party food on a budget, you're in the right place. 

BYO theme

Potlucks are not reserved for summertime picnics or Christmas dinners. They're a year-round option that makes throwing a party more affordable for everyone, but most importantly, the host. 

If you're planning the big night, set a theme and ask everyone to bring a dish or drink centered around that theme where possible. It can be as simple as Halloween-themed treats to specific colors and leaning into the gory side. As the host, you'll get to decorate and worry about having a good time rather than having to provide for everyone too. 

DIY it

It's surprising how little a party can cost if you're willing to put in a little extra work upfront. This is especially the case with Halloween, as it doesn't need to be the fanciest thing to set the tone. Simple changes, such as dipping white candles in red wax to add a bloody effect, can make all the difference during the holiday. 

Head to a discount store near you for some inexpensive supplies and then piece everything together from there. Get the whole family in on it or a few friends in order to relieve some of that burden while preparing.

Keep it simple

Halloween décor ranges from spooky to sweet, but the best part is that you can adjust based on what you have available. Take, for example, the compost bags that pop up at stores during the fall season with a jack-o-lantern face painted on them. When you're raking the falling leaves, funnel those piles into the bags and let them sit around the lawn for a fun touch of décor. Turning something that you have to do or using things that you need to in order to add décor is the perfect budget-friendly solution. 

Subdued costumes

When it comes to Halloween, it's appropriate to dress up as anything and everything. This is especially true for those who are on a budget or in a pinch and need something quick and easy to dress up in. 

Creativity, as with any of these low-budget methods, is the most important thing across the board. Simple things like painting an "M" on a colored shirt along with a friend or two can do the trick. Still too much effort? Throw on your favorite dress and grab a crown or put on some elaborate makeup to create a dramatic but relatively easy prom or red carpet look. 

Cocktail party

Skip the elaborate sit-down dinner or full-service party and opt for something cheaper when Halloween rolls around. Creating a punch or a Halloween-themed cocktail can be much more affordable (and fun) than planning, purchasing, and cooking for a group of people. If you feel inclined, throw out some potato chips or pretzels for those that need something salty, but focus on an affordable beverage as the highlight. 

Hand out treats

Looking to greet some trick-or-treaters on the big night? The treats you decide to hand out can be adjusted to be more affordable. When purchasing candy or toys, there are only so many ways to cut costs. For example, you might buy in bulk online from a seller with a good deal, but for true affordability, you'll want to avoid a few things. Setting out a bowl of treats is easy, but it's also a go-ahead for many to take advantage and steal more than their fair share. Similarly, when handing out, avoid delving out handfuls to each person so that your purchase extends further. 

The bottom line

Halloween is meant to be enjoyed, and doesn't need to break the bank to do so. There are plenty of options out there to make it more manageable for those looking to stick to a budget. Whether it be affordable food, drink, costumes, or décor, a little effort and creativity will save you big in the long run. 

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