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FOVARI. Couture collection FW 20/23.

FOVARI. Couture collection FW 20/23.

FOVARI. Couture collection FW 20/23.

Show FOVARI. Couture collection FW 20/23. Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week. 

Le Parfum des Nuages

Being eco-responsible is no longer an option. Producing while respecting life is impossible: we must change the paradigm, because it is no longer a question of "producing." Humanity will only be able to survive by placing back at the heart of its activity the only notion that should have guided our lives: art. "Create" instead of "produce." This is what Fovari wants to remind us through this collection; clouds are the cycle of water, and therefore of life. Their perfume is our soul, that of humanity. Materials are ethereal... 

Architecture is the red thread of the wardrobe: vaporous cloud sleeves in taffeta, airy skirts in silk and organza, high-waisted satin pants, crepe tops.From milky white to black with sparkling accents like that of a starry night, from the pale pink of dawn to the silver of the zenith, passing through the purple, blue, and orange of a summer rain, the choice of eco-responsible materials emphasizes refined elegance and timeless chic. 

The lightness of the materials, their aerial, soft, moving beauty underline the impermanence of all life, like fleeting clouds which, through a cycle that we thought was immutable, make life rain down. 

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By Fashion Editor 24FashionTV: Christina V Henningstad 

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