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LAVITICUS show by Mariano Feliciano in Miami

LAVITICUS show by Mariano Feliciano in Miami

LAVITICUS show by Mariano Feliciano in MiamiLAVITICUS show by Mariano Feliciano in Miami

As the Laviticus collection concludes, designer Mariano Feliciano, better known as Lavi produced an immersive experience in the heart of Wynwood Miami hosted at the newly renovated venue Ps social.

Saturday the 9th at 7pm Lavi and his crew made their final touches. Sound test, lights adjusted, the stage is set. 

The Highly anticipated laviticus finale series is here. As the guests arrived at check in they are welcomed by celebrity chef Pii with gourmet drinks and horderves while guest make their way around the venue admiring the works of Art by Lina which collaberated with Lavi on the center piece of the runway that was a replica of the Victory of Samothrace that represented the messenger goddess of Victory surrounded by gold columns & the sounds of DJ Gallardo setting the vibes. 8:15 Guest & Vip were captivated by a solo symphony by Aijee as a pleasing aroma of frangipani flowers filled the air inspired by Lavi’s home in Bali complimented the ambience & then the lights began to illuminate with hues of yellow and oranges as low laying fog began to burst across the stage as if the models were walking on clouds through a mystic forest, models enter a new realm of runway.

As the stage & ambiance is set models then presented phase 1 of Lavi’s rebirth collection. which included earthy tones of ready to wear garments, full of embroidery flower emelishments, and signature prints of men and women fashion complimented with Crowns by Nelly that gave it a unique touch to each look. The closing of phase 1 was out of a fantasy movie. As they flood on stage models enter sporadically and proceeded to a dramatic pose for minutes until the change of scenery occurred and models cleared the stage. The scene then transitioned to clouds and smoke becoming more intense as GeovaonnieX takes stage to perform his hit single introducing Kay bridges that is a featured singer on the track “could be worst”. This angelic entry and song moves the crowd to a superlative performance. Kay bridges then took over the stage as the clouds roll in with backdrops of thunder and white strobes filled the room. Kay Bridges was then accompanied by dancer Ray as she performs her hit solo “Forbidden Fruit” while introducing phase 2 of the runway show. 

LAVITICUS show by Mariano Feliciano in Miami

As the scene fades from thunder & rain it turns to a golden sky as the music transition to “The Kings Affirmation” for the opening of phase 2 The LAVITICUS Finale. Models then glided down a winding staircase as the music and scenery became more intense.

As the models came one after another we were stunned by the most amazing intricate maxi dresses complimented by stunning coutures crowns. An array of etherial garments of modern prints came in metallic  blacks and gold, bright flaming reds, and prints inspired by Lavis journey abroad depicting angels and gold leaves representative of saint michael the archangel. The lighting and visuals heightened the intensity of the bold colors and pieces showcased as model walk across the clouded runway. Each piece evoked a new feeling of wonder and grandeur. As the runway came to its climax models form and pose across the runway as Lavi himself makes his grand entrance wearing all white textiled rose blazer and pants complimented by a kings crown while posing with his work of art as if it was a picture of his creative kingdom. As models disburse from the runway Lavi then grabs the microphone and makes a few announcements to talk about mental health, all the contributors and sponsors then states “that we are all creators and together we create the future” then the crowd cheers as Lavi introduces Yashua & Elle for the closing of the show then goes back stage. 

As the audience and ambiance are heightened Yashua then his the stage with a spectacular performance with dance moves I have never seen before. Everything about his dance moves from his look was captivating. Once his set was finished Aijee then took the show my her cello strings introducing Elle Je as her vocals blast the room in beautiful harmonies. The crowd is singing on the feet as Lavi, the models, and performers all his the stage for a final bow.

This LAVITICUS show is set in stone for one of the most intriguing diverse lucid dreamscape theatrical fashion show this far! You can view more of the designer and recaps by visiting and by following @Foreverlavi. 

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